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Villa Angker Lembang

Villa Angker Lembang

Don't Carelessly Stay! What's in the Lembang Haunted Villa?Apr. 08, 202187 Мин.
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Kemal is a young, successful man, he is the owner of a large stock brokerage company and has a small, happy family. He and his wife, Citra planning to build a resort business on an empty land in the city of Lembang, Kemal went to the village around his land, and accidentally met Sujiwo, the villa keeper. Sujiwo offered him an old resort with several villas and large land inside which the owner had abandoned abroad. The man gave Kemal a good price for the villas compared to if Kemal had to build a new resort on empty land which would have cost more. Kemal finally decided to buy the villas and intended to renovate them. Kemal, Citra along with Satria (her child), and Nadine (her sister-in-law), they went to the resort for a weekend getaway. Not long after, Kemal and his little family realized that the villas were haunted. They are haunted by creepy figures who lead them to the darkest side of the resort.

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