Tool: Salival

Tool: Salival

Jan. 01, 2000United States24 Мин.R
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Salival is a limited edition box set in CD/VHS and CD/DVD formats released in 2000 by Tool. It includes a 56-page book of photos and stills from their music videos. As the box set has now been out of print for some time, it can only be found secondhand, usually at a price disproportionate to its original recommended retail price. As VHS has now become all but obsolete, the DVD version tends to retail for a higher price as it is in higher demand.

Tool: Salival
Оригинальное название Tool: Salival
IMDb Рейтинг 9.3 847 голосов
TMDb Рейтинг 7.8 4 голосов


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