The Flaming Arrow

The Flaming Arrow

Jan. 01, 1912Netherlands8 Мин.R
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At the age of 13 Joris Ivens was fond of Cowboys and Indians stories, so he decided to invent one himself. He made a script and used a camera from his father’s shop. This became his first film, Wigwam, with his own family as cast. Black Eagle, a bad Indian, kidnaps the daughter of a farmer’s family. Flaming Arrow, played by the young director, saves the child from the kidnapper and brings her back to her family. No better conclusion than smoking a peace pipe.

Оригинальное название De wigwam
IMDb Рейтинг 5.2 137 голосов
TMDb Рейтинг 5.1 8 голосов


Joris Ivens




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