Chorão: Marginal Alado

Chorão: Marginal Alado

Apr. 08, 2021Brazil75 Мин.N/A
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Documentary film about the life and career of Brazilian singer Chorão, leader of the «Charlie Brown Jr.» band. From testimonies about his personal and professional life and archival footage, the film follows the story of one of the most important rock stars in Brazil. Beginning in the early 90’s, when his band released their first album and hit the radio stations, Chorão lived two intense decades of national and international success, full of controversial moments, until his premature death, from drug overdose, in 2013. The film explores different facets over the years and tries to reflect: what is the price of fame?

Chorão: Marginal Alado
Оригинальное название Chorão: Marginal Alado


Felipe Novaes


Chorão isHimself (archive footage)
Himself (archive footage)


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